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Joy Division // She’s Lost Control
Unknown Pleasures [1979]

my favorite song from that album!

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Just a reminder to keep your fuzzy friend inside this halloween. A lot of people like to take this time of year to steal little babies to use for rituals and sacrifice. It’s horrific and painful to imagine that my little girl could get stolen for something so terrible. Keep all your animals inside no matter their color, age, or breed just to be safe.

Happy Halloween

save all the lovely kitties and animals! <3

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About my Foundation

So I’ve been getting quite a lot of photo responses and questions about what foundation I use for my face. My foundation routine has actually changed quite a bit in the past few months so I will today be talking about my current and favorite foundation routine I do everyday. 

For my face, I use 4 different products (2 foundations and 2 powders).
First product I use is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation in the shade 0.5

Second and third product I use is Ben Nye’s Clown White and Super White setting powder

And last and fourth item I use is Too Faced Primed and Poreless setting powder

To start off my foundation, I first squirt out a pump and a half of the UD foundation onto the back of my hand, I then mix a tiny dab of the BN clown white to make the foundation a little lighter (I’m very pale). After applying that all over my face and neck, I apply BN’s clown white to the highlight points of my face to really make them standout and blend it into the foundation

(here’s a chart showing where on my face I put the clown white foundation):

After that, I set the white foundation using the BN super white setting powder (this powder is great with that foundation, keeps it really white and leaves a great matte finish) and then I use the TF primed and poreless powder to set the rest of the face.

I have also been meaning to review the Ben Nye products so to put in short, I love them! The clown white foundation is super pigmented and lasts a very long time (especially because it’s meant for theater, film and costume makeup looks so it has to hold up) and the super white powder is very light, velvety and sets the makeup very well! Both products also leave my face with a very long lasting matte finish. And a final note, the prices for these products is to die for and you get a crap ton of product for your money!  

Here are the size and price options for the foundation:
0.65oz    $3.50

1.75oz    $5.50

3oz         $7.50   (this is the size I bought)

8oz         $14.00

16oz       $20.00

A little goes a long way with the clown white foundation so it’ll last a REALLY long time, and the amount of product you get for how little it costs is mind blowing

As for the powder, the size and price options are:

0.9oz       $6.00

1.75oz     $7.00

3oz          $9.00      (this is the size I bought)

This is comparing to the typical 1floz for foundations and .08oz-.30oz for face powders Again, amazing deals for a great amount of product!

If anyone is interested in getting any of this Ben Nye stuff or even any other theater makeup brands, I bought them from this website (and no I’m not sponsored by the website, ben nye is just hard to find)

Now this obviously isn’t gonna be for everybody, I’m just making this post for those who were curious :)

ps: face chart is not mine, but I did draw on the highlight areas. face chart came from here


I don’t know what happened but I am wheezing help

so cute!!!

Random look I threw together tonite. Not my best work but I really love how the colors turned out! I’m gonna have to experiment with this again ✨🌑✨ I used @limecrimemakeup uniliner in lunar sea. @urbandecaycosmetics #eyeshadows from the new #vice3 in heroine, freeze and undone. Top lashes are sinnocent from @sugarpill and the bottom lashes are styleB from @dolluxe. And dipbrow in taupe from @anastasiabeverlyhills. ✨🌑✨

very lovely!

Malificent inspired makeup 💀 #mua #muotd #malificent #makeup



Beetlejuice (1988)

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Cool Barnabus Collins makeup on We Heart It.